The purpose of MoreValue is to provide a high quality service, always with the goal of excellence and return on investment, based on an objective and credible analysis.

MoreValue‘s assessment work is to ascertain the Market Value of a real estate, based on legal written information provided to the appraiser by the client and the visit onsite, taking into account the current market situation on the surroundings of the real estate to be appraised.

Based on the professionalism of its equipa.aspxs, MoreValue develops a methodology based on a multidisciplinary approach to ensure an efficient decision-making process.

MoreValue‘s assessments are, in its entirety, reviewed and validated by the Assessments Department/Operational, where the values assigned to them, the methods used in them and their homogenization are certified, thus ensuring the level and accuracy of internal procedures.


List of some of the purposes of the assessments made by MoreValue:

  • Mortgage Credit Deals
  • Business Assets
  • Purchase/Sale or Lease
  • Mergers and/or Acquisitions of Companies
  • For accounting purposes
  • Division of Inheritances
  • Divisions in Divorces
  • Expropriations
  • Insurances

In determining the market value of the real estate, depending on the real estate appraisal object, MoreValue applies the following methodology:

  • Comparative or Market method: enables us to determine the market value based on the analysis of the framework real estate market. Allows us to get the potential market values to be used in the cost method (land) and residual value.
  • Yield method: enables us to determine the real estate market value on which the marketing or urban use is based.
  • Cost method: enables us to estimate the market value by the cost of replacing it with another similar, with the same features, using current materials and technologies at market price. The value corresponding to the observed physical/economical/functional depreciation shall be deducted from that amount.
  • The rate of depreciation is determined taking into account the age, the conservation state of construction systems and technologies, as well as the usage supporting infrastructures (electrical and mechanical)
  • Residual Value Method “Discounted Cash flow”
MoreValue uses the following standards:


  • CMVM Regulation CMVM No. 8/2002, for real estate investment funds;
  • ISP Regulatory Standard No. 16/99-R;
  • CIMI (Municipal Property Tax Code) and CIMT (Property Transfer Municipal Tax Code) Decree-Law No. 287/2003 of 12th November;
  • EC Law No. 56/2008 of 4th September;
  • SNC – Accounting Normalization System;
  • Law No. 153/2015 of 14th September.


  • RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Guide;
  • International Valuations Standards from IVSC;
  • IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS).


MoreValue operates in the real estate market in Portugal since 2014, with a high level of independence and accuracy, and provides services to some of the most important national and international companies, in several fields of the market.

MoreValue has, in its activity’s portfolio, an extensive experience in the real estate appraisal, in reappraisal and in the work’s follow-up inspection, for a variety of purposes, covering the mainland and the Islands, and includes several types of assets, such as:

  • Single-family and Multifamily Housing
  • Commerce
  • Services/Offices
  • Industry
  • Urban and rustic land
  • Industrial facilities – Real estate assets, machinery and equipment
  • Tourist Complexes and Resorts
  • Shopping Centres and Retail Parks
  • Aquacultures
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Hospitals
  • Petrol Stations
  • Farmyards
  • Golf Complexes
  • Aerodromes
  • Real estate in accordance with the Regulation 5 of the Bank of Portugal
  • Recreational Harbours


MoreValue confirms that it has the appropriate knowledge, skills and qualifications to work with independence and objectivity.

MoreValue‘s appraisal experts are duly authorized and recorded for conducting evaluations of real estate assets by the CMVM – Portuguese Securities Market Commission.

In the interest of all parties involved, MoreValue shall observe, throughout all process of evaluation, the standards of conduct and technical implementation standards included in the RICS Red Book -6th Edition.


MoreValue shall maintain ownership of any intellectual property rights over the work methodology that is used for the provision of services, as well as on the techniques and methods used.

MoreValue undertakes to observe strict discretion and confidentiality about all information that, during or after the provision of services, if applicable, it receives about the business and affairs of the other party, ensuring that such information, in any form or purpose, is not used in a manner unrelated to the provision of services.

Conflicts of Interest

We confirm that we cannot have any conflict of interest, regarding the buyer, the owner or the property, for the performance of any work.

MoreValue‘s expertise, as well as its deep knowledge of the real estate market, provides its clients with AN EFFECTIVE AND PROMPT RESPONSE.