In this context, MoreValue developed a set of tasks that are designed to comply with the legal requirements, in particular the compliance with the Decree-Law 118/2013 for the energy certification of buildings.

The energy assessment identifies, in detail, the conditions for energy operation of a building or fraction, including collecting the surrounding features, technical systems, characterization of usage profiles, quantification, monitoring and dynamic simulation of energy consumption levels, if necessary.

Large Service Buildings - GES
  • Buildings with centralized HVAC system, requiring the issuance of a single Energy Performance Certificate (CE).
Housing - REH
  • Energy Certification of real estate for sale or rent – A+ to F class.
Services - RECS
  • Energy Certification of service buildings with an area over 1000 m2;
  • Characterization of the building, solutions and original systems
  • Identification and characterization of the opportunities for improvement found, listing them as individual improvement measures for cost-benefit analysis with quantification of the associated return on investment;
  • Measures that may be considered essential for cost reduction and energy efficiency.

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